Thursday, February 13, 2020

Two for One

The topic of this episode of the Kojo Nnamdi Show sparked my imagination with local possibilities.

How Dual-Purpose Establishments Serve Their Neighborhoods

From the transcript:

From a brewery that sells kids' toys and kitchen gadgets to a barber shop that hosts art shows, we're exploring how local businesses get creative to serve their neighborhood's unique needs.

The Kojo Nnamdi show is rooted in DC, so naturally that’s where they looked for their examples for the show. “But, what about Howard County?” I wondered. Do we have any dual-purpose businesses? Should we have more?

Both Matcha Time Café and Syriana Café and Gallery in Old Ellicott City come to mind as places that provide both food service and sell gifts. But I’m drawing a blank on other dual-purpose establishments. Addition from an astute reader: In downtown Ellicott City, Jaxon Edwards is a coffee shop,  bar, barbershop, and arcade.

Does offering cocktails plus axe-throwing count as dual purpose? Throw in an on-site urgent care and I’d feel a whole lot more comfortable with that concept.

I know I’ve read about laundromats that are also bars or cafes. Would Columbia/HoCo benefit or would that just ruin a perfectly good laundromat? Your opinions are welcome.

And, because I can’t leave a good idea alone, how about your suggestions for unexpected business combinations? I’m open to silliness. Let your imagination run wild.

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