Saturday, February 29, 2020

OPT Returns

It’s Saturday morning and you’re just in time for another edition of “Other People’s Tweets”! It’s always a treat to find local references. They can startle or amaze, make you laugh, or just plain scratch your head.

For instance:

We may think we’re diverse and multicultural but this person just isn’t buying it, eh?

The next one made me smile because it looks like a tribute to my own neck of the woods:

Versatile. I like that.

Last, but definitely not least, is this plaintive request from a Catonsville High School student in response to the news that chef Gordon Ramsey was visiting nearby Ellicott City:

In the realm of high school tweets, this is remarkably polite. And the desire for cafeteria food upgrade is certainly relatable.

There’s a new account called @AwesomeColumbia . You might want to give them a follow, if you’re into Columbia sorts of things.

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