Thursday, April 23, 2020

Bad Dreams and Elections

Things I am good for this morning:  bringing my husband coffee.

Things I am not good for this morning: writing.

I tanked up on caffeine yesterday afternoon to make it through a two hour Zoom professional development course and then I couldn’t sleep. When I finally did get to sleep, I had teaching nightmares about a job I left when my younger daughter was two. She’s now in college.

Some jobs just stick with you.

If you live in Oakland Mills, your ballot for this year’s Village Election must be postmarked by today.  Harpers Choice has an online voting process that must be completed by April 24th. And Long Reach requires mail in ballots to be received by April 24th, so you may have missed the boat there. In my relatively sleepless state this morning it was far easier to find this information at The Merriweather Post blog than at the Columbia Association website.

Here’s the deal: if you can vote in your Village election, do it. I refer you to last year’s most excellent post by Jim Smith on why you probably won’t.  It has been my experience that most ordinary people in Columbia will not even be aware that elections are going on, nor would they understand what the CA Rep does or even their own village board. That’s something that every village board should be working on every day of the year. It can’t be remediated right before an election.

If you don’t have a Village election to vote in, what about the District 7 race? Don’t miss out on your chance to weigh in on that!

If none of these elections apply to you, perhaps reading this weeks digital edition of the Columbia Flier/Howard County Times would be up your alley. You can vote for that here , if you haven’t already.

Here’s a pop of pink for your day. I’m going to take a nap.

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