Saturday, April 18, 2020

Lack of Balance

This morning feels like the time for a light hearted post. There’s a kind of rise and fall to the posts I write. I try to vary them. Too much of one thing can be off-putting. Heavy hitting issues day after day become a burden. So I follow an inner sense of the flow of topics. There should be a feeling of balance over the long haul.

Well, we are all experiencing a very long haul together but today I’m feeling a decided lack of balance. In scanning the news for a good local story I found word that there are Marylanders who actually think that congregating in Annapolis to protest the quarantine and social distancing is a good idea.

Please come to this protest in Annapolis Saturday. Remember to leave your facemask home and do NOT practice #SocialDistanacing Remember you are making a point... #Covid_19 #ThiningTheHerd (sic)

This is not a light hearted story. It is not a feel good story. It is jam packed with ignorance, selfishness, and downright stupidity. When one is dealing with a highly contagious and deadly virus which is easily spread by asymptomatic carriers, this kind of public action doesn’t endanger only the protestors. We can’t laugh it off as something these people are “doing to themselves”. 

They’re not simply shooting themselves in the foot. They’re turning the gun on everyone.

My heartfelt apologies that this is not a light hearted post. Feel free to send me any ideas you’ve got on that front. My daughter sent me a photo of an adorable baby duck this morning and, had I been sure that it was a local duck, I might have written about that.

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