Sunday, April 12, 2020

Essential Bunny

Children across the state of Maryland must have been thrilled on Friday at the news the Governor Hogan had declared the Easter Bunny an essential worker, just in time for the ‘legendary’ hare’s hoppy weekend activities.

I had a similar thrill on Friday when I learned to true identity of the Easter Bunny. It turns out she goes to my church.

Of course, I had long suspected this was the case but couldn’t be sure. Every year this mild-mannered parishioner creates an extraordinary Easter Egg Hunt for all the children of our church. When the bigger kids ran roughshod over the little ones, she created two separate Easter Egg Hunts to level the playing field. If she saw anyone was disappointed in their haul, she took note to make things even better the next year.

Of course the Easter Bunny doesn’t put her feet up all the other days of the year. You always suspected there was more to the story, right? How could anyone with such a giving spirit work only one or two days out of the 365?

Once the responsibilities of egg delivery are laid to rest for the year, next up for our industrious friend is the church flea market. This effort takes a lot of work (and a lot of other bunnies)  to pull off, and the end result is a substantial donation to charity. You’re not surprised that the Easter Bunny would be working to pay down school children's lunch debt, now, are you? I thought not.

As summer hits its peak our Easter Bunny is going through flyers from all the local stores, going on a hunt of her own for the best deals on school supplies. You may think you are good at finding Easter eggs but your skills don’t come close to hers as she scores ten pocket folders for a penny or bonus pencils with a ten dollar purchase. All those back to school items? Donated to be given to area students in need.

Despite preparing for her Big Holiday the Easter Bunny has jumped right in to providing items to the Columbia Community Care group, making regular donations to support families in need during the Covid-19 crisis. That Easter Bunny:  the grass doesn’t grow under her feet.

What was the piece of information that revealed to me the identity of the Easter Bunny? A brief exchange on Facebook.

I have filled plastic Easter eggs.  If I put them in your bin tomorrow morning, will they be taken to Swansfield? Terrific!  I will have them there around 9.  I usually fill them for the church's Easter egg hunt...

I felt something in my heart. When I read those words I just knew. Even in the face of stay-at-home church celebrations and extended families separated from one another, the Easter Bunny was finding a way to bring joy.

I’m not going to reveal the Easter Bunny’s true identity because she doesn’t like to be made much of. And, besides, that would take the fun out of it. You don’t have to take my word for it, either. It’s not so much important to know “who” it is. What’s important to me is that the Easter Bunny does a whole lot more than you ever imagined and that it’s no stretch of the imagination to say that’s she’s an essential worker.

One more thing. The Easter Bunny would never claim credit for herself alone. I suspect she has quite a few helpers in Columbia/HoCo, throughout Maryland, and around the world. Maybe you’re one of them.

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