Thursday, April 30, 2020

Weather Report

It’s going to rain today. Local weather reports suggest there may be flooding. For most of us, the thought of heavy rain and possible flooding makes us wince.

Please protect Old Ellicott City.

Flooding has become personal for us in Howard County, most especially for those in Ellicott City who have seen livelihoods washed away and mourned loss of life in rushing floodwaters. Many of us care about Main Street in a general way; they have lived the horror we can only imagine.

Please protect Old Ellicott City

Plans to make devastating flooding less likely have moved forward under current County Leadership. While it may be going as quickly as could be expected, I know it isn’t fast enough for those who live and work in the heart of areas at risk. I know there are strong differences of opinion on the best approach.

Please protect Old Ellicott City.

We live in such a technologically advanced culture that it feels quite the opposite to live daily with a fear of a natural catastrophe.  Think of ancient peoples who prayed and made sacrifices to gods of harvest or weather or the sun. Day by day our community works to make Ellicott City safer. Yet the threat of heavy rain brings us face to face with our ancestors, wondering what angry god to assuage.

Please protect Old Ellicott City.

It’s going to rain today. The pandemic has closed down many businesses trying to get back on their feet after the floods. The showing of the Gordon Ramsay television episode filmed in Old Ellicott City is right around the corner. So much is on hold. People who really, really need hope are looking at the sky and wondering what will come next.

If you pray, say a prayer. If you don’t, think good thoughts. And keep an eye on the weather.

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