Sunday, April 26, 2020

Sunday Roundup

We’re going to do a bit of this and that today, friends. It’s just that kind of day.

If you live in Harpers Choice I am so jealous that you got to have online voting in your Village election. When can we get that Columbia-wide? And yet, Harpers Choice residents didn’t reach a quorum in their election so voting has been extended until May 12th. Do you live in Harpers Choice? Do you know someone who does? Tell them to VOTE!


I can’t believe that I failed to mention our beloved library system during National Library Week. What was I thinking? Well, I was thinking that I have a big post in the works about local institutions supporting the community during Covid-19, so I’d get there eventually. Oops. Sorry I missed your big week, Howard County Library! (And look for something on the blog, soon.)

One last thing. I’m listening to the interview on Elevate Maryland with School Superintendent Martirano and he touched on something that’s of personal concern to me. In discussing the challenges of reopening the schools at some point down the road, he addresses safety. Parents may be reluctant to send children back. And teachers and other staff members who are in high risk categories may be fearful to return before there is a vaccine/successful treatment protocols in place. If we reopen the schools before we have reached that point, would there be enough employees available?

This is worth considering. I don’t work for the school system but I do teach young children and I’m in a high risk category. This is something I worry about. I imagine that Superintendent Martirano is getting plenty of feedback both from parents and teachers/staff on this topic.

I read this week that the Howard County Farmers Markets will be back this year. I’m looking forward to learning what safety measures they will have in place. We love our market in Oakland Mills.

One last thing: a special Birthday Wish for a young friend of the blog who lives in Long Reach and has been a big supporter of the children’s dance parties at the Chrysalis. Wishing her a very happy day filled with family love and joyful surprises.

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