Friday, June 5, 2020

Anyone Can Serve

A small story about a Very Big Thing.

On Tuesday afternoon this picture appeared in my Facebook feed.

Our son and his friend are selling hand-cut and painted rocks. All the profit goes to Black Lives Matter! Feel free to order it here, too. We can deliver within Columbia.

On the same day that Howard County Youth hosted the largest protest event in Columbia/HoCo’s history, two second graders went to work in their own way, to support the same mission: Black Lives Matter.

They dug up rocks from their yards, washed them, hand-chipped them into varying sizes, and painted them. Next they divided them by size, decided on prices and made posters for display.

Some kids have lemonade stands. It’s not everyone who sells artisanally crafted rocks. Locally sourced, small batch rocks. Hand-cut, hand-painted rocks.

They sold out before bedtime. They made well over fifty dollars and that does not count the people who just donated directly to Black Lives Matter. As you might imagine, they were inspired to continue their efforts.

I believe they sold out on Day Two as well, but I can check in case you are still interested in getting in on this amazing offer. My two rocks were delivered to my house in a brown paper bag via their contactless delivery system. (Mom)

I want to talk tomorrow about how important it is that the largest single protest event in Columbia/Howard County history was planned and executed by its young people. To me that is by far the biggest local story of the week.

But today I want to rest my gaze on the inspiration and hard work of two children who wanted to make a contribution and came up with a plan. Every time I look at the fruit of their labors I will remember.

Inspired?  You can donate to the Black Lives Matter DC Chapter through PayPal:

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