Saturday, June 27, 2020

Summer Daze

I overslept. It was lovely. 

Last night we celebrated the end of the teacher school year with food from Maiwand. HCPSS teachers are officially done for the year, and my students had their last Zoom meeting. My daughter has been finished with her college term for ages now, but, she’s happy to help us celebrate.

I bought myself a home snowball machine. It came in twenty-four hours and it was worth every penny.

This is not the kind that can supply your whole neighborhood. But, for someone in a high risk category who doesn’t get out much, it’s just about perfect. I made a simple syrup and added strawberry jam for flavor. Ooh...this means you can probably make a whole slew of snowball syrups with flavors from Neat Nicks Preserves. Tempting.

Oakland Mills entrepreneur Monica Rogers Williams has been combining her DJ skills (DJ Classix) with her baking business as she broadcasts Momma’s Treats and Beats. Her video DJ sessions are streaming at around one pm each day and come with a chance to win sweet prizes: baked goods From Momma’s Kitchen.  It’s a creative combination of her professional expertise and appears to be generating a steady stream of orders along with community goodwill. Who doesn’t need some music and maybe a free cookie?

I was happy to see the announcement for a new restaurant in the works at Clarksville Commons. 

We are excited to announce that Bushel and a Peck Kitchen & Bar will be joining the Clarksville Commons family this fall. Owned and operated by Rob Wecker, co-owner of The Iron Bridge Wine Company, and Joe Krywucki. Bushel and a Peck's menu will feature the very best that grows, swims, and grazes along the Chesapeake watershed.

Opening a new restaurant right now can’t be easy. It will take some time to get things right. I hope this will be just the right place for that space and be wildly successful. In the meantime, check out summer movie showings and other outdoor, physically-distanced events at Clarksville Commons  .

The library will be back (in a limited way) starting Monday and I am excited! Check out this video to learn more about Contactless Pick-up. I continue to be grateful for how engaged and committed our library system is to the community. 

I need a book about how to make yourself walk every day even if it’s hot. Wonder if they have one?


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