Sunday, June 28, 2020

He Came From Out of Town

It’s eight twenty three on a Sunday morning as I type this, which means that I overslept and have missed my time window for getting the blog out at the time most people are looking to read it. 

Oh well. Here goes, anyway.

My thoughts this morning? The news that Tim Walters, the leader of the Re-open Maryland movement has been diagnosed with COVID 19. No, wait, it’s more than that:

He’s been having symptoms for months.
He has been all over the place with no mask.
He refuses to take part in contact tracing.
He thinks it’s all about him.

Walters said he had long suspected he might have the virus but was surprised by the toll it was taking on him this week. “It was nothing like what I thought,” he said.

He didn’t think. 

You may recall that our own little Re-Open Howard County group brought Walters in to their (unwanted by Main Street) Ellicott City event. His thinking is the kind of thinking they espouse. At this moment it might be useful to read the article about Tim Walters and then call out the names of the locals who have been pushing a reopen narrative.


It makes a difference how we choose to act in tough situations. And these are people who have been more interested in pushing for personal/financial results than in caring for the well-being of our county. That they did it with a kind of gleefulness in attacking the County Executive and the efforts of County Government makes it even sicker, in my opinion. The sickness of trying to grab political traction when people around you are actually suffering and dying.

Just as the Re-Open Howard folks tried to distance themselves from racist signs at their rally, they may try to do the same with Tim Walters. Don’t let them. He’s their guy. If any of them try to convince you in the future that they have a place in local leadership, well, you know better. When others in Howard County were donating time and money and food for those who were struggling, Re-Open Howard County openly mocked medical science, county government, and community spirit. Right on Main Street.

Who do you want to see in positions of leadership? Those who care for others, or only for themselves? 


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