Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Neighbors for Neighbors

Today I’m giving you an assignment. It will take approximately nine minutes. Watch this video, made locally, about Juneteenth.

Hosted by the County Executive, it includes community members who each have something valuable to share about the history of the Juneteenth holiday and the experiences of Black people in Howard County. It is beautifully done, and it is worth your time.

Learning more about the history that most of us didn’t learn in school can make us better citizens and neighbors. This video is a great jumping off point for folks who may be just now realizing that there’s a lot they haven’t known. It’s positive, informative, thoughtful.

It feels like it was made by neighbors for neighbors. 

And I can’t wait for the opening of Harriet Tubman School as a museum and community center in 2021. 

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