Thursday, June 4, 2020

Thankful Thursday

Apparently my job this morning is to set up this page, look at it, lean my head back, close my eyes, and go back to sleep. If that is the case, I am doing an excellent job so far.

A bit of gratitude this morning on a variety of fronts.:

     To the Oakland Mills Community Association employees who are holding the fort amidst pandemic-prompted furloughs, thank you.

     To all the folks at American Radiology who made my visit this week both safe and pleasant.

     To the Instacart employees who bring us our food so we don’t need to enter the grocery store right now.

     To the community who supported the HoCo for Justice March, including county government and the police department.

     To everyone who worked on local elections so that citizens could participate.

     To the reporters for the Columbia Flier/Howard County Times who keep do the best they can as resources dwindle.

     To the amazing network of people that is Columbia Community Care.

     To the person who left us a surprise delivery of Taharka Strawberry ice cream.

     To all the teachers who keep on giving their best under the current extremely limiting circumstances.

     To the sanitation workers who faithfully pick up our trash and recycling,

     To the postal workers who bring our mail.

If you have any other local things to be thankful for, share them here. I think we could all benefit from a gratitude Thursday this week.

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