Monday, February 8, 2021



I overslept this morning, so I’m going to send you over to Suzi Gerb’s blog while I attempt to caffeinate myself for the day. Highly recommended:

The county deals with vaccine shortage by shorting teachers

If you have been wondering what it’s like to be a teacher trying to get vaccinated, this post will definitely school you in the realities of the situation. Alas, it’s not pretty.

Over the weekend I saw some references on social media that a certain member of the County Council is calling teachers “entitled” for wanting to be vaccinated before returning to face-to-face instruction. I didn’t witness these online conversations myself so I’m not going to name this individual. I can tell you that insisting that teachers put themselves, along with staff, students, and families in harm’s way during a pandemic when there is a way to provide instruction that prevents the spread of illness and death is the most entitled view imaginable.

No one is claiming that distance learning is perfect. It is the best solution we have in a dangerous public health environment. If our local “reopen” folks had put even half the energy into making this work more fruitfully for their children as they have in blaming everyone else, they might have been part of a solution instead of contributing to the larger problem.

Wanting to be vaccinated against a disease one will be forced to confront daily is not entitled. Wanting others to put themselves in harm’s way for your convenience is.

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