Tuesday, February 9, 2021

The Wall


Lots of people - including me - are hitting what I’m calling the pandemic wall this week. The burnout from working non stop, no break from news, childcare and isolation is hard. - - Tanzina Vega*

I seem to have hit the “pandemic wall” as far as the blog is concerned. The term originated with a series of tweets by host of The Takeaway, Tanzina Vega. Other terms that come to mind are the Slough of Despond or the Doldrums. A daily task which ought to be be easy for me has become well nigh unto impossible.

It’s ok not to be ok right now. I think we need to accept that. 

So I’m crowdsourcing this today. Have you experienced the feeling of hitting the pandemic wall? Have you found ordinary tasks becoming more difficult? What have you done to counteract that? Do you have any techniques to share?

Can’t think straight? Can’t sleep? Brain fog? Depression? Even random physical symptoms? I think it’s all pandemic burnout. 

What works? What doesn’t?

Burnout means not seeing the end of it and not being able to function at optimal capacity

I’m hoping to get some pointers that I can use but I can also see where a variety of responses might make a good blog post that anyone could benefit from. 

I don’t want to be a downer but I want to acknowledge that people are really feeling worn out. Hopefully you see you’re not alone.

Send me your best stuff and I promise to put it to good use.

*All quotes in bold are from Tanzina Vega. 


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