Sunday, February 21, 2021

How Much?


I must admit I have been appalled by the lack of concern among some people about the armed riots and attack on the Capitol on 1/6. Despite deaths, and injuries, the frightening breach of security, property damage, theft, and the horrific spectacle of a hangman’s noose, we continue to see comments that downplay or even deny the events of that day. 

It leaves me wondering one thing: how much?

How much death would have been enough for these people? Is there a number? Or is it rather whose death would have been significant or motivating? Would more losses from one particular group have produced more horror or remorse? What’s the limit for these people? Where would they draw the line?

Would they?

As the county schools push forward with their abrupt turn-around to send teachers back into classrooms I see a similar set of circumstances falling into place. We know that not all teachers and staff members have been able to get vaccinated. We suspect that the safety measures required to help prevent the spread of COVID have not been fully implemented in every school.We read that the school system is still actively recruiting new employees to allow for adequate staffing numbers.

The result of this combination of variables is almost certainly that the return to face-to-face learning in school buildings will produce the spread of illness. Teachers, staff, admin, students may become ill, may carry illness out of the school building to others in the community. We may very likely see life-changing, permanent health damage or even death directly attributable to this decision. 

It leaves me wondering: how much?

How much illness and death will be enough for the ReOpen crowd? Is there a number? Or will it matter who suffers? Will more losses from a particular group of community members elicit more horror or remorse? Are some lives more valuable to them than others? How many people must get sick, suffer, and/or die to feed the insatiable demand for “customer service” from these loudest of privileged voices?

I fear there is no limit. 

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