Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Momma and the Message


Something tells me that today is the day to lead with something makes me smile. 

A few weeks ago I received an email from Monica Rogers Williams, baker extraordinaire of From Momma’s Kitchen about her website relaunch. Clicking on the link resulted in the delightful image above. “This website uses cookies.” Well, of course it does. And they’re pretty darn delicious ones, too.

I reached out to Ms. Williams to see if there was anything I could share with my readers about her website’s new look. It turns out she has something else on her mind. But it’s not about business.

She wants to encourage us to follow our dreams.

Ms. Williams, or Momma, as I sometimes think of her, has been dividing her time over the last year between her baking business and a whole new kind of online DJ experience on Twitch which I must admit I don’t totally understand. As an experienced local DJ, she has taken her skills and talents to a whole new platform during the pandemic.

Just as she has continually created new ways to connect with the community through her baking and other culinary skills, Ms. Williams jumped into a new musical venture in a challenging time. With energy, creativity, and persistence, new ways emerged where old ways were cut off. 

Here’s where we come in: she thinks that we can do this, too. (Frankly it sounds like she has more faith in me than I have in myself at the moment.)

Perhaps the secret here is that Ms. Williams started out her career in education. Her underlying message is pure teacher, through and through:

It is my hope that others will realize their gifts and talents. 

What started on my part as an offer to give a local baking business a boost turned into almost a sermon of sorts: dream big, believe in yourself, do the work, make something grow. As Momma said to me at the close of her note:

I truly believe there is enough room and abundance in this world for everyone.

So, no hard sell for cookie sales, because that’s not what Momma wanted. But maybe you could reach out and congratulate her for ten years of living her dreams in the baking business. And perhaps you can give some thought to what living your dreams would look like. I know I’m going to.

Right now living my dreams definitely includes chocolate. 

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