Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Bullet Points

Today is one of those days where I feel as though I could write one sentence apiece about a number of subjects. Not exactly a blog but there you are. Let’s do it.

  • There are too many people running for Governor (even more than the last time I mentioned this) and STILL none of them are women. Ugh.
  • Former Board of Education member Brian Meshkin is in trouble with the law and I am not surprised.
  • I went to Boarman’s for the first time and had the great experience everyone told me I would. Also, I think everyone should have to wash their hands before entering a store but then I am a preschool teacher.
  • Althea’s Almost Famous food truck will be at the Oakland Mills Village Center tomorrow from 12-6. I am reading rave reviews in the Howard County Eats Facebook group. 
  • Apparently Friday will be the last day for Howard County Times reporter Ana Faguy. As always, I wish our local journalists well as they depart but I continue to have serious concerns about the future of local news coverage.
  • The Board of Education is going to be considering a new MOU with the Howard County Police Department on Thursday. It’s not too late to send an email: We need counselors and not police in our schools.
  • My favorite bit of returning to normalcy this week had to be when CA was set to host its first movie night of the summer on Monday evening and a big old storm came and rained it out. That’s definitely the Columbia summer I know.

I’ll see you tomorrow for actual paragraphs.

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