Saturday, September 23, 2023

In and Within - - Taking a Rain Check

Probably the best way to avert dangerous weather systems is to cancel absolutely EVERYTHING beforehand. It’s looking pretty good right now. (Ask anyone who has ever made closing decisions for the Howard County Schools if you don’t believe me.)

The Governor has even declared a State of Emergency just in case. Many of the events I might have been telling you about this morning have been cancelled. Still, as far as I know, that pickle festival is still happening in Baltimore and the Bubble Hockey Tournament is still on at Oversea Distillery in Columbia.

In other news, I had mentioned my quest to get one of those adorable (and useful!) sunhats from The Salvaged Stitch who comes to the Saturday Market at Clarksville Commons. 

Hats by The Salvaged Stitch on display at the market

I got to pick my own fabric!

Less than a week later I had my hat.

I love it and it fits perfectly. I don’t think I’ll be wearing it today, however. 

I got some great responses to my local pet peeves post. Probably my favorite was the wag who messaged me with this response:

No, my peeves are imported from out of state.


Last night’s sunset was a stunner. I’d be perfectly happy to run an entire post of reader’s photographs (credited, of course) identifying where in Columbia/HoCo they were taken. What do you think?

If you’re staying in today, may I recommend viewing (electronically, of course) this recent real estate listing on Gales Lane. The primary kitchen is a stunner, not to mention the bathroom tile. I’m fascinated by those little pockets that predate Columbia - - unexpected bursts of retro weirdness. This house is probably less than five minutes from where I live but it’s really in a whole other universe altogether. 

What are your rainy day plans? Let me know.

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