Saturday, September 2, 2023

The World Must Stop


Every time this happens and the world doesn’t stop and radically, deeply oppose and condemn it…

Ohio police release video of of officer fatally shooting pregnant woman, Amber Ferguson, Washington Post

Every time a civilian is executed within minutes…

Photo credit: Associated Press 

This still image from body-cam video released by the Blendon Township Police shows an officer pointing his gun at Ta'Kiya Young moments before shooting her through the windshield outside a grocery store in Blendon Township, Ohio, on August 24.

Every time a suspicion of a low level offense is deemed enough to use lethal force when the person in question is Black…

Image from Go Fund Me account set up by the late Ms.Young’s family

Every time it happens and we don’t stop everything, we are tacitly allowing it. There are two sets of laws in the United States and for Black Americans it is, more often than not: comply or die. 

Even when complying the outcomes for Black Americans are bleak.

There may be local stories to write about today in Columbia/HoCo but I can’t feel them, see them, or hear them. 

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