Sunday, September 3, 2023

Watch Me Pull a Rabbit Out of My Hat

I’m having one of those days. Sometimes it feels as though my old reliable bag of tricks is empty, empty, empty.


Murray Burns: [shouting at rows of houses] Campers! The entertainment committee was quite disappointed in the really poor turnout at this morning's community sing. I mean, where's all that old Camp Chickawattamee spirit? I'm sure I speak for all of us here when I say that I...


Murray Burns: Now, I'd like to say right now that... that...


Murray Burns: Campers, I can't think of anything to say.

- - From the movie, "A Thousand Clowns" 


A few dribs and drabs.

My doctor has told me that if I want to go to restaurants I should do it now before the weather changes and everyone is indoors, so we have been going out to eat as though we were on a restaurant tour. The most recent: London Curry House in Laurel, Union Jack’s in Downtown Columbia, and Tribos in Ellicott City. We were able to eat outside at Union Jack’s and the weather Friday night was perfect for it.

We stopped by the Saturday Market at Clarksville Commons yesterday morning and it was hopping. (I hesitate to use the word ‘vibrant’ as it seems to have ‘jumped the shark’ these days.) The market has such a great variety of things on offer. It’s a good thing we didn’t stay much longer because we might have come home with a dog - - Canine Humane was there doing an adoption event.

I admired the sunhats from A Salvaged Stitch but she didn’t have any in my size, alas. I was able to touch base with her online and she’s going to make me one. She even let me choose my fabrics. Now, that’s customer service!

Image from A Salvaged Stitch Facebook page 

Finally, Visit Howard County wants folks to know that we are a great place to stay if you a traveling to the area for - - I kid you not - - The Big Dill: World’s Largest Pickle Party 2023. The big party is in Baltimore, at Power Plant Live, but they must be expecting (or hoping) for some tourism spillover into surrounding areas. 

Visit Howard County World’s Largest Pickle Party 2023, September 23-24th

Despite skimming through the event website I am still not sure whether it’s the party that’s the biggest or the pickle

Maybe visiting tourists can play a little Pickleball while they’re in town. Dill Dinkers is expanding it’s available court space on Red Branch Road, I hear.  And there’s that tasty new sandwich at Subway…

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