Sunday, September 24, 2023

Thar Be Dragons Here


I was scrolling through Pinterest looking for things with a local connection and this image caught my eye.

Art by John Atkinson, Wrong Hands

It says a lot about our current bus transportation challenges that I immediately assumed this image was connected to that theme.  Of course it isn’t. It’s a sticker you can buy on Etsy. Speaking of buses, HoCoLocal blogger Jenny Solpietro offers up her take on Howard County Progress Report.

Perspective, Jenny Solpietro, Howard County Progress Report 

Solpietro’s description of her own school experiences reminds me that there really are people who have “walked several miles to school in blizzards, uphill both* ways.” Even reading it was exhausting. It’s a thoughtful take on what is a pretty controversial issue around town these days. I suspect that some folks who often fault Howard County Progress Report for being too scathing will find this one too nice. 

If you have kids, or grandkids - - or know someone who does - -  the CAMOM Annual Consignment Sale has been bumped to today because of yesterday’s weather.

I wrote about CAMOM in the Spring when they had their “comeback” sale after holding off during the worst of the early pandemic years. You can learn more about CAMOM at their website.

An update on my library book situation: I took my list into the East Columbia branch and spoke with Instructor and Research Specialist Ian Lyness-Fernandez. I left him my email address and he got back to me by the end of the week with a great list of cozy mysteries to try.

Visit your local library, people. It’s a playground of possibilities. You also might want to sign up for their upcoming Longest Table Event coming up on September 30th.

*Not really, but, you know what I mean. 

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