Friday, June 13, 2014

Headline with Multiple #@?!!

Remember when a majority of Columbians turned out to support the Inner Arbor Plan for Symphony Woods at a CA Board Meeting? I do. I was there. So were my daughters. And many of my friends.

I think somebody forgot.

Last night a minority faction of the CA Board tried to pull a fast one with a motion which had nothing to do with the evening's published agenda. From an eyewitness account:

Reg Avery made a motion to declare that the Inner Arbor Trust plans, as submitted to the County, contain material changes from the Concept Plan attached as an exhibit to the easement, and directing the President to notify the Inner Arbor Trust that they are in breach of the easement. Russ Swatek seconded. There was some heated discussion. Reg, Russ, and Alan Klein voted for, everyone else against.

As Michael Cornell and Brian Dunn noted, this was done in secret, without notice, and was planned to exclude public input and to exclude the residents who came out in droves to support the plan.

Reg Avery's motion was defeated.

How's that for transparency?

This was clearly a plan hatched in secret to try to eviscerate the Inner Arbor Plan while the public remained uninformed and could have no input.

For shame.

I would like to publicly thank those members of the Board who stood up to this outrageous act.

The true mark of one's character is how one behaves when no one is watching. Last night, Reg Avery, Russ Swatek, and Alan Klein thought no on was watching.

Not so fast.

Please let the CA Board and our new CA President know that you condemn this action and any similar action which seeks to exclude public knowledge and involvement. I don't care how long you have lived here; I'm sure you know that is not what Columbia is about.

Apparently some people have to be watched every minute. Well, okay.



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