Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I Don't Get It

My mind is reeling this morning with a bunch of things.

"Why, why, why?"

  • Why did the Oakland Mills Village Board invite Cy Paumier to give a presentation on his vision for Symphony Woods, and call it "Discussion on alternatives to the Inner Arbor/Symphony Woods controversy" ?
  • Why is Corey Andrews back in the Board of Education race? I thought I had a good handle on why he dropped out, but I really don't get why he is dropping back in.
  • Why did Board Member Cynthia Vaillancourt have to file a PIA request with the Maryland State Attorney General's Office to get information about Board/School System financing of the trip to China? What kind of system are we operating if that kind of information is withheld from Board members?
  • Why do we keep installing more doors and more safety buzzers in our schools while we make no meaningful progress as a nation protecting our children from gun violence?
And, other questions, not so deep:
  • Why is it more likely that your child will wake up sick when you have a much-anticipated day off?
  • Why am I volunteering for more things that will involve going to meetings?
  • Why do sooooo many candidates place signs illegally and why does I bug me sooooo much?
  • Why has McDonalds discontinued frozen strawberry lemonade?
More questions than answers today. Some days are just like that.

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