Saturday, June 14, 2014

Saturday's Hot and Fresh Roundup

A roundup of what's going on in the world of VG/TS:

Marshmallow Man comments on Thursday night's attempt at a minority power grab at the CA Board Meeting. Hint: write to Milton Matthews and the CA Board.

On a side note, Reg Avery appears to be pursuing a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde approach to running for County Council.

My neighbor Jesse is filling a U-haul and leaving to move back to South Carolina today. We'll miss him. If you know anyone who wants to rent half a house, let me know. Great neighborhood, great neighbors.


Music at the Ellicott City Farmers Market this morning. Your choice of Debby Iny Greene & friend or Jared Denhard! Oh, yeah, and fresh produce.

The festival atmosphere is in full swing at Columbia Festival of the Arts kickoff weekend. It looks like beautiful weather, no rain and reasonable humidity levels.

Early voting continues. Just do it!

Saving the best for last:

From my friend Justin--"Just a quick update: Yesterday I heard and felt my heart beating! What a blessing . All my doctors are thrilled at my progress and I will move from the CICU today to the step down floor! Thanks ever so much for your continued prayers , love and positive vibes!"



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