Thursday, June 5, 2014

HoCo LoCo Politico Democratic Central Committee Edition

What does it mean when one has so many good, politically active friends? Is there something about me that just causes people to run? (For office,that is.) This year's election season has brought me a boatload.

In particular, the race for Democratic Central Committee comes to mind.

I served wth Abby Hendrix and Marcia White on the Oakland Mills Village Board. I have first-hand experience of their skills in problem solving, working with the community, consensus building, and perseverance. Whether running a meeting, working on a committee, brainstorming ideas, or reaching out to stakeholders, Abby and Marcia are effective, thoughtful, and respectful leaders.

Kimberly Pruim and Candace Dodson-Reed have helped me time and again when I needed answers to questions or solutions to problems. Both of these women exemplify the high level of constituent service that Howard County is rightly known for. If you call them or send them an email they get back to you right away, let you know what is going on, and work with you towards an acceptable solution. Both Kimberly and Candace work however long it takes to get the job done, and done well.

So I absolutely endorse these women for Democratic Central Committee, no question about it.

In addition, I note that Abby and Marcia are running as a part of the Progressive Democratic Central Committee Team. I urge you to give these folks serious consideration. In all honesty, my opinion of Abby and Marcia is so high that their association with this slate lends all the members substantial merit.


To learn more about the Democratic Central Committee, this description on the ScottE Software blog is a great start.




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