Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Power of Women

Last night I attended my first "Wine, Women, and Watson" event. I could tell you about the wine, of course. I could describe the food, the setting, and what people were wearing. But this is not the Society column.

Courtney Watson stood in front of a group of women last night as a candidate for Howard County Executive. She carries with her the experience of serving on the County Council and the Board of Education. She has earned an advanced degree, worked to establish her career, and committed herself to loving and supporting her family.

Every woman attending the event knows and owns a piece of that in their own lives. We talk the talk and walk the walk every day.

The speech last night touched on building on past successes, responding to new challenges, the willingness to take on new ventures to help our community. Courtney used this moment not only to make the case for her own candidacy, but to share the spotlight with other local women who are taking the risk to get involved politically. The point of "Wine, Women and Watson" is not just Courtney Watson.

The greater goal is to empower women to see the many ways they can participate in the political process. Women supporting women.

Right now our nation is experiencing a backlash against women's rights on a variety of fronts. The most basic way to assure equal rights is through our vote. Vote for the candidates who truly represent equality.

Be the candidate who truly represents equality.

I truly believe that our country-- well, even the world--will be better for everyone if a greater proportion of women share power and decisions through political service. Our world is less equal, less human, without it. What I took away from last night was the reminder that it is not just about electing one candidate for County Executive. It's about acknowledging our own individual responsibility for doing something tangible to improve our communities.

Early voting starts today. You know what to do, right?


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