Friday, June 20, 2014

What I have Learned in School This Year

It's the last day of school. I realize that not everyone's lives are focused around an academic calendar. Mine always has. For someone who really hated school, I seem to have found a strange way of expressing it. All of my jobs have been in academic institutions. Maybe I am expressing it by attempting to exorcise the past. If I can make school a better place for other children, it somehow redeems the past.

I digress.

A traditional last day of school exercise is the "What I learned this year" essay. Wait--does anyone write essays in school anymore? Sadly, they probably don't. Alright, how about a list? Here's mine:

  • Seventh grade is better than sixth grade, especially as you make friends and find your niche.
  • Dress codes and their enforcement are an exercise in body shaming for girls.
  • Middle school teachers are frustrated by the academic toll NCLB has left on students--kids are unable to do what they used to be able to do in middle school. (Thinking skills, writing skills, problem-solving)

  • Multiple snow days have a negative effect on building rapport with special needs preschoolers.
  • It is still possible to get lost driving between sixteen different schools.
  • Fewer and fewer children recognize Barney's singing voice.

  • We have to fight for arts education in Howard County. (!)
  • Parent and teacher involvement in the process is no longer a given.
  • I'm finally energized enough to overcome my shyness and get involved with HCPSM and the PTA.

  • My husband still rocks.
  • Guitar ensembles are awesome.
  • Reaching the Other 80% is the next big thing in school music.

That's a whole lot of learning. It may take me several months to recover.


What have you learned this year?



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