Sunday, October 30, 2016

Unexpected Humor

I have been awake for several hours searching for a local story to write about this morning. So perhaps a bit of punchiness had set in when I saw this tweet from a Howard County business:

Wait a minute. Am I the only person that is seeing a suggestion to slip the kids a little something in order to get Date Night underway? Yes, friends, that bedtime cup of warm milk can be the ticket to Dreamland with these exclusive deals from area merchants...

You'll be out the door in a flash. Your babysitter will be amazed. No popping out of bed for glasses of water. Just a restful evening of Netflix for her and an uninterrupted night on the town for you.


Actually, the accompanying photo tells a different story.

Date Night apparently means alcoholic beverages on the couch. Silly me. What was I thinking? No babysitter, no worries about who will be the designated driver. No expensive tickets for concerts, theater, movies. With parents working multiple jobs, feeling exhausted all the time, while trying to stretch every penny farther, a glass of red on the big comfy couch is about the best Date Night many folks will get.

If you can get through the night without rolling over on a loud singing toy or stepping on a Lego, that's a win-win for everyone.

I see a possibility for a marketing opportunity here. Any local companies selling couches need to get in on this. Imagine the improvements to Date Night and overall quality of life if you invest in a Really Nice Couch. Long enough to stretch out on. Wide enough for two people to cuddle.

What am I saying? Nice couch? Kids?

Just download the app already.

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