Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A Weekend of Wow

If we could just not have all the big events in Howard County on one weekend, yeah, that'd be great.

This coming weekend is an explosion of activity. You know how students wish that teachers would consult each other before assigning big tests and projects? Yeah, well this is like that. We've got so
much going on that you'd best be equipped with that magical device that Hermione uses in the second Harry Potter book.

Friday evening you can attend the Howard County Storytelling event, or you can pop in at River Hill High School for Guitarpalooza! The storytelling event will forcus on Columbia's 50th, and tickets are  $20.00. Guitarpalooza will feature an eclectic mix including plenty of Grateful Dead and pirate music. Admission is free.

Saturday: Chrysalis Dedication and opening concert. (Tickets for the concert are available at .)

Also: Howard County Greenfest

Also: Ellicott City Spring Fest

Also: Earth Day at the Howard County Conservancy

Also: Breathe Deep Columbia event at the Lakefront

Sunday there's a free concert at Merriweather to celebrate Columbia's 50th put on by the Fine Arts programs of all of the Howard County High Schools.

It's free lawn seating, 4 to 6:30. Maybe after rushing around all day Saturday you can just chill on the grass for this one. You can watch a short promo here.

I don't think there's any doubt where I'll be on Saturday morning.

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