Wednesday, April 5, 2017

None Left

Odd experience yesterday.  I received a very weird, defensive, and somewhat arrogant email from someone I don't know. It was probably not the best day for me to fire a response right back. But I did. Most days I would've tried to make sense out of the situation and do all the emotional labor necessary to smooth things over. But yesterday was not one of those days.

Dear Sir,

I don't believe I know you, nor is it clear from your letter why you are writing to me.

Best of luck with ***** You certainly have your work cut out for you.


Julia McCready
Village Green/Town² 

Another letter I didn't write, but maybe should have:

Dear Person Who Deals With the Public,

It would be helpful if, when you write to a complete stranger, you were to explain who you are and why you are reaching out to them. 

It is highly recommended that your email not be a blatant hodgepodge of other emails that have been cobbled together through cut-and-paste techniques.

It is essential that you show basic respect for someone whose opinion you hope to influence, and that you make at least an attempt at being interested to learn that person's point of view.


The Blogger with no *** left to give.

What can I say? "Public relations" has that "relationship" concept embedded right there in the title. There should be give and take. Without it your message will very likely bounce off or miss the mark altogether.

My goal here is not to name names but to pass along a bit of advice:

You'll never waste your time if you treat human beings like human beings. It's a remarkably good investment. And it's just the right thing to do.

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