Sunday, April 9, 2017

Local Voices

I just discovered a new (to me) local blog. It's called Warren's Beer Adventures. He focuses for the most part on Columbia/EC/HoCo, but, if he goes farther afield, he takes his readers along for the ride. I loved his description of one particular beer: "The cherry and wood nose was wonderful, but the taste was all whiskey and cough syrup."

I adore beer, especially IPA's, but I just can't metabolize them like I used to. They've become a special treat activity rather than a part of life. I think I'll enjoy reading about Warren's beer adventures even though I won't be drinking along at home. I've become more of a vicarious beer-drinker. 

Friday marked the debut of the much-anticipated local podcast, Elevate Maryland. It's hosted by Tom Coale (HoCoRising) and Candace Dodson-Reed (Is This Thing On?) and produced by Ilana Bitner (HoCoMoJo). I'm tickled that they've chosen Joe's Place Deli as their home base. They'll be recording every other week and you're invited to stop by and watch the show live. (Next show April 21st.)

I started to listen to the premier episode but my daughter was working on a research paper and I didn't want to disturb her. So I went out and bought a pair of cool headphones and I'm ready to dive in today. Former County Executive Ken Ulman is their first guest. 

You can learn more about Elevate Maryland here.

In closing, a shoutout to the participants in the "I Can't Keep Quiet" flash mob at the Mall in Columbia yesterday. Thanks for bringing a spirit of resistance into the marketplace. In my opinion, we all need reminders that we have a choice to use our voice.

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