Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Small Money

The County Council will hold a public hearing tomorrow evening on CB 30, which would create a Citizen's Election Fund as a way to reduce large donations in local political races. If you support public financing, you are encouraged to attend.

Here are two pieces outlining support of this bill:

Campaign Costs Are Escalating, Larry Carson

Support Campaign Finance Reform in Howard County, Becca Niburg

I agree with Ms. Niburg that:

Public financing is the answer to the question of how to change politics as usual. Not only does public financing allow a more diverse group of people to run for office, but it also engages more people in the electoral process as they feel as if their contributions actually make a difference.

I'd love to see the difference it would make if our political races were influenced by small money instead of big money. It would make a big difference in who could run, and who could succeed.

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