Friday, April 21, 2017


When I arrived at work yesterday, it was raining. I had a jacket in the car but I made the executive decision to use it to wrap my iPad to protect it from getting wet. So I was definitely getting rained on as I walked toward the building. Not the best way to start the day.

I must have had my head down as I walked because I was surprised when a figure appeared out of the rain with a large umbrella. It was my boss, the head of the Lower School. She had seen me trudging along getting soaked and came over to walk me in the building.

Would your boss do that?

It put me in a mind of an article I read this week about leadership.

The Power of Leadership Vulnerability

The author describes the importance of leaders being able to say I don't know and ask for help.

There’s a scientific basis for why vulnerability is an important leadership attribute: Humans are wired to help one another.

And, again:

“Asking for help is the sign of a secure leader-- one who engages everyone to reach goals,” writes Zak.

Think of our local learship: CA President Milton Matthews, County Executive Allan Kittleman, chair of the County Council Jonathan Weinstein, President of PTACHC Reg Avery, Chair of the BOE Cindy Vaillancourt, Superintendent of Schools Renee Foose. What kind of leaders are they? Are they willing to admit they don't know everything? Are they willing to genuinely ask for help to achieve shared goals?

I'd like to add one more thing: would they be willing to go out of their way on a rainy day to share an umbrella? 

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