Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Recently one of the members of the CA Board posted an artist's rendering of what future Columbia might look like. I'm assuming this comes from Howard Hughes. He asked what people thought.

So far the response looks largely negative. I don't know much about the particular presentation from which this photo is taken, but I do know that it would have consisted of more than one photograph. There's got to be a lot more information where this came from.

There are two things I think when looking at this photograph:

1. What is the context here? What is the supporting documentation that explains what we see in this photo?

2. Do all the people up in arms about this photo know that Columbia was always meant to be a city?

I look forward to a more comprehensive explanation of what the future holds. This picture is enough to pique my curiosity. I don't think it's cause for mass panic.

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