Sunday, September 10, 2017

What's New?

What can I tell you that you don't know already? Probably not much.

The season is beginning to turn and there will be wonderful Fall events all over Howard County.

Redistricting and APFO concerns continue to roil community discussions with some folks believing that neighborhood is against neighborhood, school against school.

Students have gone back to school and there have been some interesting discussions about homework.

Political season continues to heat up with more candidates opting in or opting out.

Oh! Here's something you may not know:

Did you know that there's a coffee shop in the new MedStar Building? You know, the one everyone likes to complain about, on the corner of LPP and Broken Land? It's nothing to write home about at this point, but I'm sure it's quite convenient for those who work in the building.

I got together with local blogger Harry Schwarz recently to discuss blogging and the local news scene. He suggested we meet up at the aforementioned coffee shop.

I gather that there will be a variety of businesses as a part of the MedStar complex once it is finished. In the meantime, you can get coffee and snacks in-house. Or if you're passing through. Or meeting a friend.

Harry has a lot of good stories to tell. He also has a fascinating vision to get local bloggers to work together in sharing stories to work for good. It has happened from time to time, but of course egos sometimes get in the way...bloggers can be a prickly, quirky lot.

And that's on our good days.

What's the news where you are? Tell me something I don't know.

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