Tuesday, September 26, 2017

What's the Point?

Destruction, pure and simple.

From Pam Watkins Long:

Hey friends, I have a very special request. PLEASE SHARE. A lovely friend, a fellow biz owner that recently reopened after last year's devastating flood, walked in to her business, Sweet Cascades Chocolatier, this morning to realize it was badly vandalized last night. Such a shame after an incredible day of celebrating our town with the Main Street Music Fest. Tables, chairs, planters, plants, umbrellas, were thrown over the balcony into the river! The idiots even ripped the lights off the walls and tossed those over as well! Without disclosing what the police already know, I'm asking if you've heard or know anything about this, please contact the non-emergency police number at 410.313.3200 or the store at 410.750.8422 ASAP. Any information is appreciated. Please be part of the solution. Thank you. 

And here is my second request. Sweet Cascades has incredible, delicious choices of pure goodness. This week, please treat your staff, your family, your friends, your neighbors, yourself, to some deliciousness and let's throw Sue's profit over and above so she can buy new patio furniture. 

Who would do this? What is the point? Was it purely destruction for its own sake, or were the vandals striking out against this business specifically? Either way, it's heartbreaking for the owner who has already been through the damages caused by the EC flood.

If you have a chance, please stop by Sweet Cascades and pick up some of their amazing specialty chocolates. You can take a look at what they have here. Any kind of recovery that involves chocolate has got to be a good thing.

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