Saturday, September 9, 2017

Those Crazy Kids

The kids are having a party. They've invited everyone. There will be food and drink and music and dancing and even a s'mores pit, whatever that is. I'm going. I don't generally do the big gala things. But this sounds fun.

The kids are having a party at the coolest new venue in Columbia: the Chrysalis. I'm no kid but I've caught their enthusiasm and I want to be there. It won't be the same-old, same-old. It won't be the same people one always sees at such events.

The kids are having a party. Makes a parent feel so proud, you know?

Never mind that the kids are actually adults with children of their own. In Columbia-world where the real grown-ups make documentary movies about how things used to be, people who celebrate the present and the future are Just Kids.

Tonight I'll be celebrating what is truly right about Columbia and Howard County with some amazing people. But somewhere else there will grumblings about "no vision" and  "gatekeepers". That doesn't sound like much of a party to me.

We raise our children with love. We give them our best and hold our breath when they spread their wings to fly. We support their ventures. We celebrate their accomplishments. If we don't we are almost violating the prime directive of parenthood. If control is more important to us than the paths our children freely choose, we have failed.

The kids of Columbia are having a party. They're supporting a beautiful and vibrant community space for everyone to enjoy. Even if you can't come, maybe you can just be happy for them.

And feel grateful to be invited to your kids' parties.

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