Sunday, September 24, 2017

Taken from a Tweet

This statement from a Howard County parent has been burning a hole in my brain for several days.

Why don't you create some new rules? No child should have to attend a school with lower rating than their current. Stop redistricting.

"No child should have to go to a school with a lower rating than their current."

Well, wait a minute. Who do you think should go to that "lower-rated school"? My guess it that you don't really care so long as it's not your child.

Watch my brain explode.

The purpose of public school education is to benefit all children. I am strongly opposed to efforts to use the school system to protect some children at the expense of others. Solutions should be for everyone.

While searching for this particular tweet to share this morning, I ran across another, from the U.K., which is equally relevant to our situation.

The modern purpose of education is to exclude the children who might lower a school's rating.


I feel certain I've seen signs of this rearing its ugly head during redisctricting discussions. Have you?

One last tweet. I see that Candace Dodson-Reed (Elevate Maryland) has responded to the HCPSS request for a name to Elementary School #42:

Silas Craft Elementary! Please adjust the policy and name that school after a great man who left his mark on education in Howard County.

Apparently the current rules state no naming after people, but I have to say I like this one.

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