Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Life Lessons

Today is the first day of school in the Howard County Publc Schools. There's an air of excitement as a new Superintendent has a chance to share his priorities with staff and students. I see a lot of excitement out there from teachers.

Right now, however, it is six seventeen at my house and one tired teacher and one tired teen are up and getting ready.

I have taught many things throughout my career: elementary school French, preschool music, three year olds, kindergarten. And yet there's one thing I have not successfully taught, and it's on my mind today.

I have not taught my family members how to make their own lunches.

This hearkens back to when I worked part time and had much more time to get ready in the morning. Now we are all on the same schedule and I'm scrambling. And writing a blog.

Who makes the lunches at your house? Does anyone buy lunch? Is anyone excited to try the new healthier options at school this year?

To all students and teachers going back today, I wish you a great first day. Let there be joy in learning  and a sense of community to support you.

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