Saturday, March 7, 2020

More of the Same

March is Women's History Month and March 8th is International Women’s Day. Probably the best way to celebrate this year is by being a man.

Let’s face it. Learning about women’s historical contributions and honoring their role in cultures around the world is best done while wielding the power of male supremacy. The world belongs to the patriarchy. If you’re not an owner, you’re a renter. Or worse. Being a woman in America is sometimes just experiencing one wave of panic after another and you don’t know whether it’s suppressed rage or depression.

Of course this is true every single day of the year but in March it feels particularly galling. This March, especially so, as we lose a brilliant and formidable candidate for president and the remaining candidates represent the same old pale male heads club that’s been dominating since forever.

This is every bit as true in February when some folks think that even acknowledging Black History Month should somehow make things better. When, in reality, it simply reinforces how dreadful things continue to be. Grudgingly admitting that some people exist is not the same as fully empowering them with all the “Rights, Privileges and Honors” that ought to be bestowed to all members of the human race.

Women's History Month and International Woman's Day this year feels more like a ceremonial obligation in which the key to the city is presented. We know, and everyone else knows, that the key doesn’t open anything. Not one @#$& thing.

So, this March, be a man. Being a woman is Too Much Work.

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