Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Music in my Head

March is Music in our Schools month. Yesterday I came across a post by local blogger HoCoHouseHon that is a celebration of music from start to finish. Worth the read:

Soundtrack of the Self

The writer touches on a theme that means a lot to me:

Music is emotion, music is a lodestone. It doesn't matter if you can name chords or identify instruments in a symphony - it doesn't matter if you had piano lessons or played in your elementary school band - music is where our souls rest. Where we rejoice - where we are truly alive. Maybe the only way you hear music is in jingles or pop songs played low on the radio - it doesn't matter. Music is a part of us.

This post reminded me of a piece I wrote in 2015 entitled “Remarkable and Unique,” about the Music and Memory project.

Music connects. Music is the connection. Music travels within the brain to all the deepest parts of the self. Even when cognitive areas are damaged or degraded, the networks within us that are music can still thrive.

Whether you become a professional musician, a lifelong amateur one, or simply enjoy music in your day to day life: music is for everyone.

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