Saturday, October 31, 2020

Choosing Local


I searched “Maryland” on Twitter this morning just for fun, wondering what’s going on outside our immediate bubble. What I found was that there are a whole lot of people out there who care about UMD football. Yesterday’s game truly dominates the feed. Alas, I’m neither a football fan nor particularly knowledgeable on University of Maryland rivalries so there’s no story there for me.

I started seeing the first Christmas adverts on television this week.  I’ve been trying to tune them out but yesterday’s drop in temperature softened my resolve a bit. My older daughter has already raised the issue of what we should serve for Thanksgiving dinner. Can Christmas be far behind? 

Every year I see a pitch go out to shop small and shop local for the holidays. This year seems more crucial than any before it, as local establishments are struggling during the pandemic. I have often vowed I would do more local shopping, but then the demands of work plus home overcame my good intentions. Under the circumstances Amazon always seemed like the way to go. 

This year I’m not working, so I have more time. On the other hand, I have less money. My desire to entrust Amazon with that money is greatly reduced this year. So I’m looking for local small businesses to support. One condition: I’m self-isolating, so I need to be able to shop online. Any suggestions?

Just as local restaurants have pivoted to provide carry-out, family meal options, and cocktails-to-go, some local shops have added online shopping to their business plans. Sweet Elizabeth Jane in Old Ellicott City comes to mind. Are there others you could recommend? Are there specific items that you buy locally that you think would make perfect gifts?

I’d be happy to do an entire post jam-packed with local recommendations, so send me your favorites. 

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