Wednesday, October 21, 2020

The Little Things


And, in today’s episode of Other People’s Tweets:

Yes, typos can strike us all, but Ms. Klacik’s campaign does appear to be struggling with them. 

(Screen shot taken from Baltimore Sun article)

In addition, from the department of anecdotal evidence, I submit that the most illegally placed signs in Columbia/HoCo are from the Klacik campaign. Put there by out of towners who didn’t bother to learn local laws, no doubt.

So 2020 is the year when it is possible to raise over six million dollars to run for Congress without learning how to proofread your work or follow local laws. Or live in the actual district for which you are running.

None of this will likely put off folks predisposed to blame the Democratic Party for everything that is wrong with Baltimore, or chase away the wealthy in Howard County who enjoy her campaign of blame and shame that doesn’t require them to take a hard look at themselves. It’s no big deal to them.

Is it a big deal? 

Well, my concern is that, if you can’t be trusted in the small things, how do we know you can be trusted in the big things?

There are plenty of far larger issues to consider in the race between Congressman Mfume and Ms. Klacik. I encourage voters to educate themselves. But I also think this is a prime example of how someone with the big money can still manage to shoot themselves in the foot. 

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