Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Good Trouble


In the spirit of my belief that hard times require great art, I present to you a new song by area musician Alan Scott.   I became a fan of his work through two of his previous songs, “You Only See Me When I’m Gone” and “Colors in a Dream”. 

Inspired to pay tribute to Lewis following his death, Scott composed “John Lewis Lives (Good Trouble)” and raised the funds via Kickstarter to record it professionally. During a pandemic. That’s pretty impressive, when you think about it. Alan Scott is a working musician whose primary livelihood comes from playing gigs and teaching private lessons. I can only imagine what the last seven months have done to his ability to make a living. 

Yesterday I was feeling disheartened about many things. Seeing the link to Scott’s finished song and listening to it was a moment of pure joy in a dark day. 

Where there is hope

 where there is freedom

 where we fight for justice

 John Lewis lives.

Where you build a bridge 

Made of faith, made of courage

He will walk beside you.

John Lewis lives.

- - John Lewis Lives (Good Trouble)

     Alan Scott

You can also listen to it on YouTube. But, here’s a thought: why not spend the 99 cents it costs to download it? Every time you listen to it you will remember you supported a local musician during hard times. 

You are not alone

On this road to freedom.

Where there is good trouble

John Lewis lives.

You can learn more about Alan Scott here

Hard times require great art. People like Alan Scott are making it.


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