Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Precious Lives


Last night the Howard County Council was considering legislation to create a Racial Equity Task Force. Here is the letter I sent in support.


I am writing to you today to support CR142, the legislation which will create a Racial Equity Task Force in Howard County. 

The issue of addressing the long history of racial inequity in our country has truly become the most pressing issue of our time. Generations of injustice continue to play out nationally and locally. We are all responsible for making our communities more fair, safe, healthy, and promising for those whose value has too long denied by our culture. 

I commend the Council for addressing in this issue. You are in good company. The Howard County School System has recently formulated new language  to fully articulate their policy on equity. The Howard County Library System outlines their commitment to equity in their most recent issue of Source.

These words from Library President and CEO Tonya Aikens could not be more clear:

It is heartening to learn that the Howard County Library System is one of 160 libraries nationwide that have shown a strong commitment to ending structural racism. With our schools and our library showing such unequivocal leadership, I feel strongly that the County Council has a clear path to undertaking this important work as well.

As you consider your vote to establish a Racial Equity Task Force, I ask you to ponder Ms. Aikens’ words:

We must be ever cognizant that precious lives make up the statistics on that list. Precious lives mistreated, disciplined more harshly than their White counterparts, denied opportunity, and unnecessarily cut short.

You are in a position to honor those precious lives by committing to begin the work so long overdue. Our county cannot be fully what we want it to be if we do not address our responsibilities to all our residents. 


The Council voted 4-1 in support of establishing a Racial Equity Task Force in Howard County.

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