Saturday, July 3, 2021

Best Of


I’m awake but all I want to do is sleep. No idea why. The alarm went off at the regular time and I didn’t stay up late last night. I’ve opened the curtains to let in more light but so far it hasn’t penetrated my brain.

You may have noticed that voting for the Best of Howard is up and going on. I was happy to see a generous number of blogs nominated this year.

Two nominations are for blogs I have never even heard of, so I need to get to work on bring myself up to speed on that.

It’s fun to win. I won’t deny that. And there was a time when I believed that winning was a huge validation. But in the end you have to remember that it’s a click fest. The winner will be someone who motivates people to show up and click every day for two weeks. I’m not sure that that’s the same as being the best writer or the most influential in terms of public opinion. It might be.

In some of the categories winning is a huge deal, most especially for businesses. So, if you have favorites you feel strongly loyal towards, you should definitely show them some click love. And, while I’d never tell you who to vote for in the best blog category, I have no qualms about recommending Bet Yeladim Preschool in the childcare category - - just in case you’re willing to make an extra click or two.

Best volunteer organization? Columbia Community Care. But you knew that.

I think the pandemic may have had some impact on the nomination process. Some local favorites are missing from some categories and I think that’s because people have had other things on their mindsjust plain forgot to nominate them. Ah, well. It’s not life or death.

It’s something fun we do in the summer and it helps boost ad revenue for the Howard County Times.

By the way, I see that the Best Restaurants issue has come out. What did you think of the results?

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