Monday, July 12, 2021

Still Looking


I was hunting through old posts for something else entirely and I found this:

Career Goals April 26, 2019

Now this is the job for me.

DPW creates a $100,000 job for outspoken critic Mark Reutter and Fern Shen for Baltimore Brew

I’ll let you read the piece and draw your own conclusions. It’s a fascinating story. I share it here today because, as the young folks say on Twitter,  “career goals.”

Dear employment universe,

I am uniquely qualified to be hired as an Outspoken Critic in the $100,000 range. Additional skills and qualifications: Ardent Supporter, Bemused Observer.

Strong writing skills, persistent, consistent work ethic.

Hobbies include anecdotes, vignettes, free-form poetry and doggerel verse.


Village Green/Town²

I wonder if there’s anyone in Howard County who’s hiring?  It could be the opportunity of a lifetime.


Friends, I am still looking for that job - - now more than ever. And I’d be really good at it.

It’s Monday, it’s hot and humid, and it seems like a good day to think up imaginary local jobs. What’s the job you’d want to have in Columbia/HoCo if it existed? Use your imagination. Be wild. Who knows? Like that 100,000.00 job, it just might happen.

Post them here, the more the merrier. Remember: they have to be Columbia/HoCo-specific.

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