Friday, July 2, 2021

To the Editor


I’m fascinated by local letters to the editor. I’m not sure why. Often they are not particularly good. Sometimes they are downright dreadful. But they offer a glimpse of what’s on peoples’ minds at any given moment, that is, the kind of people who are prone to sitting down and writing a letter to the editor.

This week’s letters in the Columbia Flier were published with the following headings:

Students grateful to be heard on equity efforts

The new pandemic: dangerous driving

Appalled by GOP voter suppression efforts

Ode to a cicada (not a louse)

Loud, smelly, odd-looking and sacred

It made me smile that two out of five letters posted were about cicadas. One wonders how many letters they received about cicadas. Were these the only two, or were these the best of the lot?

Have you ever written a letter to the editor of the Columbia Flier/Howard County Times? Was it published? Have you ever wondered how they decide which ones to put in print? I certainly have wondered how those decisions are made. (I’ve also had letters published, for what that’s worth.)

Looking back on the last two weeks in Columbia/HoCo, what are the “current events” that stand out in your mind? If you had been motivated to write a letter to the editor, what would it have been about? Off the top of my head, here are some of mine:

Hogan’s benefits cut off will harm local residents and businesses 

Columbia Democratic Club makes a fresh start under new leadership

Board of Education SRO vote will continue harm for vulnerable students 

Return of concerts in Merriweather Park at Symphony Woods promotes community 

Cheap shot by former elected looks weak, lacks leadership

How about you? What local issue has been on your mind that you think is worthy of a space in the opinions section?

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