Monday, August 16, 2021

A Taste of Elkridge

I decided to take my practice driver over to Rockburn Park as we move farther afield in our driving sessions. Since it was a wickedly hot day and the point was racking up driving hours, we didn’t park and get out of the car. Therefore our first impression was of a nice series of parking lots. It’s funny how that works. You just have to get out of your car to appreciate some things.

Roll on, Fall weather. I’ll be back, Rockburn Park. Friend of the blog Bonnie Bricker told me I could find this barn there.

After our meanderings we took advantage of our proximity to visit the nearby Rita’s. I had a few thoughts while we were there.

First of all, it strikes me as odd that the main way to access that shopping center is through a housing development. Can anyone explain that to me? I’m talking about the group of businesses on Meadowridge Center Drive. I feel like I’ve watched that center spring up over the years. And there appears to be a new section of it - - the part with Rita’s? - - but I haven’t been driving that way recently so my impressions could be wildly inaccurate.

Do you patronize the business/doctor’s offices there frequently? Does it seem like an odd location to you? Do you have trouble getting in and out of the parking lot? 

I’m perfectly willing to accept that it’s just me. But I’ve always found that to be an odd location for a shopping center. Of course, what I perceive as odd could equally be, from another point of view, a creative use of space. There are some fabulous views of the center here.

Fun fact: if you miss the Kupcakes & Co bakery at Clarksville Commons, the original is located right here on Meadowridge Center Drive. 

Questions for the day:

What’s the best part of Rockburn park to explore on foot?

Is there any interesting history to the building of Meadowridge Center?

What’s your favorite flavor at Rita’s? (Or cupcake at Kupcakes & Co?)

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