Saturday, August 14, 2021

Comics and Politics


Before I forget: today is Free Comic Book Day. 

I found this photo on the Facebook page of Columbia business Comics to Astonish. You remember them. They’re the folks that were trying to reunite an abandoned stuffed plush mouse with its people earlier this summer. I did not realize until reading this poster that Free Comic Book Day has been going on for 20 years. Wow! 

I remember being at the Miller Branch of the Howard County Library on a day when they were participating in Free Comic Book Day, but that was in the Spring. I wonder if there’s more than one day each year, or if this year’s was moved on account of the pandemic.

I also wonder whether this cute little guy ever got back home.

Also today, the Farmers Market at Clarksville Commons (10-2)  and the last day of the Howard County Fair. (8:30 am - closing fireworks at 9:30 pm) Anything else I’m missing?

And now for something completely different…

The Governor’s race. I wrote a while back:

Maryland needs someone who is a champion for racial equity. We need to smash the current administration’s racist dog whistle policies towards Baltimore City and transform statewide education funding to support our most vulnerable populations across the state. I want to see a Democratic candidate for Governor who is unapologetically telling the truth on this and has some kind of tangible track record that shows he or she has been doing the work.

Are you seeing anyone who fits the bill here? Tom Coale, co-host of local podcast Elevate Maryland, has been writing recently about Maryland needing a Housing Governor. I don’t dispute that, although a voice inside me responds “Maryland needs an Education Governor.” Not to mention a Governor who really “gets” Baltimore and values its citizens.

For me, it all largely comes down to addressing equity issues that our current Governor has either ignored or worked in opposition to. The current Republican tactic nationwide appears to be trying to silence any speech that has to do with equity or addressing systemic racism. Will Democratic candidates feel that they must “tone down” such efforts in order to make headway in this election cycle?

What kind of a Governor are you looking for? 

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